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Hi community! I'm new in these thing named Arduino and I want to build some system that need to comunicate two Arduinos of wireless way. To do that I bought two Lora's modules sx1278 but I don't know anything about how they work. I need to learn how to connect them and how to program. I looked in the internet but I cant find anything. Someone of you has the link for a tutorial?

Sorry if my english is bad I'm not a very good english speaker, I speak spanish.   

Thank you


I looked in the internet but I cant find anything.
Google "arduino lora sx1278" for about 86,000 tutorials, libraries, code, etc.


There are lots of ways of communicating between two Arduinos with wireless.

What was your reason for choosing LoRa modules ?

If you cannot find anything on LoRa on the Internet I can only think you did not look very hard, as a simple google search on 'lora' brings up a pile of stuff. 
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which particular Lora modules do you have?
have a look at the Lora LMIC framework

it contains examples of RAW transmission between nodes and OTAA and ABP protocols to a LoraWAN network

also look at other examples in


Maybe I did not find anything because I searched in Spanish. I will search and try to understang english pages as you say there are a lot of information about that. Thank you for your help.


if you have two Lora boards you can do peer to peer communications using examples from the libraries in post #3

to communicate with The Things network using OTAA or ABP you will need to be near a LoraWAN gateway, see the map

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