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Hi All,

Sadly after multiple emails to Ofcom I found out that I can't use any RF devices with the arduino board unless it is certificated. So if you have CE marked RF module and CE marked arduino you cannot use them together, I know stupid, but that is the law.

So I have an alternative solution which is GSM module.
GSM module is covered under MNO licence once I'm putting SIM card in it. And now I have some other questions to be answered...

How UK mobile operators treating GSM modules? Because under terms and conditions all of them are saying that PAYG sim card cannot be used with SMS boxes or SMS modems. Can they block my SIM card if I will start using it for sending and receiving just messages? I mean SMS module is not a modem? Or is it the same thing?

So far I have found "fonome"  PAYG sim provider.  Will do some tests once my modules will come from China. Good thing about fonome is that sms between other fonome sims is free all the time and if you wanna keep number active you need just do something in 90 days and then you will be alright, I need to figure out just how long are those free sms is it just for a month or longer.

Another question is what max power antennas I can use? My plan is to get a lead and then attach antenna to 2m pole, just wondering if I will lose a lot of power in the lead?

I will use sim800l v2.0 module

Thank you!


Hi mickeyLTU

I'm just starting a similar project, did you manage to get anything working after??

Thanks in advance

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