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I am currently using thingerio to take data from some of my devices and display them.  I am wondering if there is a open source platform or other where I can send the data that resides on my home PC and is capable of having graphs, displays and data retention.  I know the answer is most likely yes but i am looking for a newbie version/solution  :)

Thanks in advance


You will likely get better answer if you provide more specific information.  There are dozens of such platforms each with their strengths and weaknesses.   Even if you can let us know why you're dissatisfied with  thinger.io  it might give us some clues.


Thanks for the response, sorry for the delay.  Basically I like thinger but would like the flexibility to have more devices and dashboards for free, hence my own server route.


You could set up your own instance of thinger as per this docco


There are dozens of such platforms each with their strengths and weaknesses.  
I started looking at thinger.io, and then used google sheets using script.google.com (sorry, don't have a quick hyperlink reference for this) to store data from home my monitoring system.

I finally settled on using MQTT https://mosquitto.org/, first using cloud servers, and then my own mosquitto broker/server, inconjunction with Openhab https://www.openhab.org/.  Both are open source.

Openhab also has android and IOS apps, and allows access via the cloud.

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