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I have a water (consumption) meter (DIEHL Altair), with a pulse reader (Izar pulse) linked below; and I would like to connect these to Arduino (I have Uno). Here are the units I have with their specs:


The pulse reader has three wires (white, brown, green) which seem to be for 'pulse, ground, tampering.
Any help is much appreciated; how I should connect these to the pins, and what code to use to read the pulses.



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Hi, and welcome to the Arduino forum!
The PDF states the sensor is an "open collector" transistor, which means you treat it just like a push button switch. Attach the pulse to any Arduino pin and write the code to use "internal pull up resistor" on that pin. Connect the ground wire to the Arduino ground.

Just count the "button switch presses" and you will be counting the turns of the sensor magnet.

Lots of sample code to count button presses are available.



I've found it worth while putting an external , say 10k , pull up resistor  - the internal one is high impedance and you make get false triggering without it ( a problem I have experienced)

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