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If your subject follows this pattern: "I have a problem getting my stepper motor react to my light sensor", you will give an impression that you either don't know anything about coding or you haven't even tried to make at least one thing work or you simply hope for some ready code.

This kind of subject contains two problems, which deserve their own questions and own threads. First you have to learn stepper motors. Then you have to learn sensors. If you know well both and still don't make it, the problem is in your coding skills, which you have to improve before dealing with hardware like this.

People who can help you, see these two problems in your question, while you give the impression that you see only one. That makes it hard to keep up an interesting thread.
- One day my stepper motor driver works like a charm. No task is too big for it and I can do anything with it. Next day it refuses to work and even the tiniest motor blows its fuse. What's wrong with it?
- It's bipolar.

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