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Project Guidance / Re: Remote input and outputs
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 01:52 pm
K, clearly I'm not getting anywhere here. I'll figure out. No worries.
That's because you don't give the needed information. Without complete and unambiguous information on what you're trying to do, you can't get anywhere. Please remember that we have NO CLUE of what you want to do until YOU TELL ABOUT IT.
If you feel you're not getting anywhere it's because you don't give the information needed to work with. No photos, no proposed schematics, no details on the components used, no word on the purpose of the project, not even on WHY there has to be such a distance.

I can get 30 feet, getting closer is just impractical, not impossible, but I don't feel like grabbing a ladder everytime I have to go up

This also doesn't make sense. Why would you put either the Arduino (or the buttons - which makes even less sense as somehow you will want to be able to operate them) in such a hard to reach place?

What is it what you're actually trying to accomplish?

It's mechanical switches and indicator lights


Sorry if I'm a little vague, I'm a PLC and hmi guy, this is a new area for me
And that's why you're getting all those questions.
What kind of indicator lights (LED, light bulb, strobe, search light)? How much power do they need?
What kind of switches? Push button or on/off switch or something different entirely?
Français / Re: Capteur anémomètre
Last post by kamill - Today at 01:52 pm
Je n'ai pas trouvé de schéma, mais sur la photo on voit des résistances qui sont sans doute des pullups.

Dans le doute tu peux activer le pullup interne par
Code: [Select]
Deutsch / Re: Schrittmotorendstufe anste...
Last post by JHartig - Today at 01:51 pm
nee ist nur für's Testen.

Allerdings hätte ich gerne noch eine Anzeige der Drehgeschwingikeit mittel i2c LCD, dafür kannman dann ja ggf den Delay befehl etwaqsa kleiner machen, da das ganze nur füe den Vorschub der X-Achse ist kommt es auch nicht so drauf an bei paar Umdrehungen wenige ist nicht schlimm   
I found replacement for this relpol.

It has 80mA.

Then I can drive all relays from tpic?
LEDs and Multiplexing / Re: 2pcs 74HC595 with 16ch led...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 01:49 pm
Can't you drive that nais one with a transistor, straight from the MCU.
The TPIC should be able to switch the rest (both 96mA ones on double outputs).
Could always glue on a small heatsink if it gets hot (doubt it).
Only a test will tell.
Project Guidance / Re: Soft power and Arduino nan...
Last post by DaveHKent - Today at 01:48 pm
Thanks for all the help both of you.

As a final (hopefully) question, do the following components sound suitable?:
IRFU5305 P-channel Hexfet Power MOSFET

BC548B NPN General Purpose Transistor

Français / Re: Projet Control module
Last post by trimarco232 - Today at 01:45 pm
mais les HEX doivent être identique
on peut le supposer, mais le mieux c'est de s'en assurer
cela permet en outre de vérifier le fonctionnement de chaque maillon de toute la boucle
Programming Questions / Re: Is this Right?
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 01:44 pm
What model Arduino are you using?

Tom... :)
Hello,in the past i successfully built a 2 axis cnc machine with a servo moving the z axis of the pen (using ld293 as stepper motor driver for the dvd steppers).

I now bought 2xpololu drv8825 to use with 2 stepper motors from dvds.
I have successfully built the cnc machine and axis but i have questions regarding current.

I know that using dvd Stepper motors voltage is not the crucial thing to work as current is.
I know that the drv pololu 8225 works in the vmot in the range of 8 to 45 volts.
And it has a current limiting trimmer.
My question is what is maximum current those dvd steppers can work with ?
I know there is a way to find out the watts that would be dissipated as heat if i use the formula to calculate if i know the resistance of the coils. i found this online from ti in chapter 2.2 power calculation it has a drv8825 but i cant find info regarding dvd steppers to calculate how much heat will it produce.

2)would it be possible to attach a small heatsink or fan located somewhere to cool down this motor?
Thank you!


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