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Jul 14, 2017, 08:42 pm Last Edit: Jul 14, 2017, 08:57 pm by deviceplus-royall
Interested in building something cool using Raspberry Pi/Arduino?
Device Plus is an electronics & innovation blog powered by a semiconductor company, ROHM. Our vision is to bring together individuals and organizations that are passionate about electronics and to deliver fun and useful information to aspiring engineers, as well as the general public. Device Plus features a wide range of topics from IoTs and Wearable Devices to Robotics and Drones using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Royall Advertising is looking for highly talented college students, hobbyist, and developers who have strong knowledge in ICs, optoelectronics and power electronics with experience building projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and/or other PCBs/MCUs.

Ideally, the candidates are already working on some IoTs, Wearables, Robotics, or Drone related projects and are willing to create tutorials and share detailed processes on Device Plus on a monthly basis.

Pay depends on individual project(s) but ranges ±$200 - $500.

We're looking to feature projects using the following:
Arduino: Arduino MKR1000, Uno, Mega, Mini, Nano, etc.

Candidates must be fluent English (both oral and written) required.

How to Apply:
Please send a copy of your one page resume and a brief cover letter detailing your interest in DevicePlus to: deviceplus@royalladv.com.
Royall Advertising
Device Plus - Engineering Life Plus Hacks


Wish I could get someone to work for me that cheap!
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


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ranges ±$200
Does that mean that, in some circumstance, one has to pay $200 to work for you?


Ha ha. I like that.

If you want this to work well, I suggest doing what Electronic Design used to do: they had/have (it's been a while!) a monthly Ideas For Design section where people would write in with cool circuits they built and explain the reason it was  needed and how it worked. If they liked your circuit, it was published in the magazine and you got (I think) $125. No resume. No "application." No BS. Just send in the schematic and describe what you did.

What you're suggesting sounds like real work!
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


Wish I could get someone to work for me that cheap!
And then there no taxes withheld, so you are on your own for benefits and quarterly tax payments.


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