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I am a starter in Arduino Yun, and I have a problem on getting data out from the oscilloscope. The type of the oscilloscope is HM507, and this oscilloscope only has RS232. How do I get the data of the waveform on the oscilloscope? Do I need to get RS232 to TTL module?  I already have a RS232 to USB adapter. Besides, I need to use the data of the waveform to make a same waveform on the computer. Is it possible to use Processing to dispaly the waveform or to use TFT LCD screen to display the waveform?


Looking briefly at the manual here:

RS-232 on the HM507 uses 8N2 (8bit, no parity, 2 stop bits) and RTS/CTS lines and does operate at real RS-232 voltages
A standard connection on arduino using hardware or Software Serial is 8N1 and does not have support for RTS/CTS and operates at only TTL voltages.

If you wanted to hook up to the arduino side, you would need an RS232 to TTL module and to overcome the difference in protocol and the use of hardware lines RTS/CTS.
I'm sure people have worked on things like the 2 stop bits and RTS/CTS already, but I don't personally know how to do it.

The RS232 to USB adapter would handle both of these issues and could be hooked up to the Linux side. You would then use a Process class on the Arduino side to kick off the datalogging script on the Linux side.

Depending on the amount of data throughput you need, you might be forced onto the linux side regardless because the Arduino's RAM isn't going to hold very many samples in o-scope terms. You will have more space and more speed on the linux side.

I'm sure there are ways to use Processing or an LCD to display such a graph and hopefully someone else has some expertise there.
For my part I have experience gathering data with arduino, using PHP to upload that to a MySQL server, and then displaying that data via a PHP webpage using the pretty flexible Google Charts system.

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