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Hello, I made up to add 8 (16 would be better) rotary encoders to my diy midi controller. I don't know really much about multiplexers and shift registers...
Wich is the best way to implement them? Using less pins would be funny ;)

Please, I'm waiting for suggestions... :)


Post a link to the type of encoder you want to use. Read the "please read" post to find out how to post links.


Well I'm considering to use relative rotary encoder with 3 pins (ACB) plus 2 for the switch. I posted here because I tought it's a metter of multiplexer or shift register...


You need to read the encoders rapidly and then you need some sort of user feedback on each channel you show where each channel is set to.
Have you thought how you are going to do this. You can't use the position of the knob because it is only relitave.


what I am trying to realize is a midi controller that allow me to act on 8 (or 16) parameters of a virtual instrument, but I have to switch among virtual instruments, so I just need to send a +1 or -1 CC message. I'll solve this problem later... now I have to find the best way to connect 8 encoders to arduino saving pins for button switches and relative leds. Thanks to who helps :)


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I just need to send a +1 or -1 CC message.
No you don't, a CC message is any number between 0 and 127.
So you might need to send either 0 or 127 but not -1 and +1.

I'll solve this problem later..
solve it now and you might find you don't actually need rotary encoders at all and all you need is pots or switches.

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