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Hi. I'm a newbie to Arduino, and I can't read circuit diagrams. If someone can read this circuit diagram(See attached image), tell me how to do this!


Do you have a breadboard?

The diagram has 8 LEDs.
Example- D2 is pin 2 of the Arduino. It will be connected to the ANODE side of an LED. The CATHODE side of the LED (the shorter leg and a flat part on the rim) then connects to a resistor of 330 Ohm value. Other end of the resistor connects to GROUND.

Repeat for the other 7 paths. All LEDs will share a GROUND connection after the resistor. The Arduino doesn't have 8 GROUND connections, which is where the breadboard comes in.
All LEDs will have their own Arduino pin on their ANODEs (so you can control each LED by digitalWrite-ing their pins HIGH).



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