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I am trying a build a robot for a robowar competition in my college.I am a complete noob!
This is what i am thinking:-

Operating 4 High torque 500+ RPM motors using wired controllers (later upgradeable to wireless controller)
At least 2 weapons one cutter and other a hammer or flipper (or both).

Option 1:
Arduino Uno R3 + motor shields (not sure how many motor shields can be added)

Option 2:
Use this board . See image!
This board already have a l293D on port C will add another l293D on port C to control 4 motors.
Adding another L293D on port B(removing lcd) to control weapons.

I have no idea on how to make a wired controller.

P.S. Motors are 500+ rpm geared motor with 0.6A and 12v rating.


Don't bother with a wired controller - just get a conventional radio control system with enough channels for all the things you want to control.


The L293D chips can only handle 600 mA per channel, and are marginal for your
motors. 600 mA is probably the motor run value and not the stall value, but even
so, there are many h-bridges around that will handle more current. Check out the
pololu.com motor controller pages.

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