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Hey guys. First of all, I am not that bad coder (I've been learning for 3 years in high school, and even now in university), however I am very bad at web servers and such things. I bought couple of ESP8266 (To be exact ESP8266-01 and WeMos D1 mini) boards and they are nice! But still they sort of don't fullfil my needs. I want to build a small webserver which would be accessible remotely which means anyone could break into it. That's where the problem lies. I tried to merge two examples (from examples of the ESP library) http basic authentification and the other example acquired form the internet search on how to control GPIO's. And I ended up with a bug which even caused my wifi access point to dissappear. I've been looking everywhere on google how to have a server which is password protected and controls pins but no luck. If anyone out here is a good coder with good web server knowledge skills could help we with such task I would be really thankful. Or at least head me in the right direction. Thanks in advance everyone! :)

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