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Jonathan Oxer

That post had me rather puzzled! I read it about 4 times trying to figure out what on earth it was getting at, and gave up.

So far my whole family is still living in the workshop, so it's not being used for its intended purpose yet. In the last couple of weeks there's been good progress on plastering ("drywall") in the main house so we're probably only about 2 weeks away from moving back in, which will be another step out of the nightmare of the last 18 months of having a barely usable house. I'm still collecting gear for the new workshop (just got a desoldering station last week because they were on special at a local supplier) but it's all sitting around waiting for somewhere that it can be set up.


Well I'll be sitting ready for any updates :)

I think I'd have thrown the family out already if it was my workshop :P


There must be some updates by now!

Where's the pics? :)

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