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I've just bought the new Arduino Tian board and I was wondering if this community will ever support it with a new topic about it.

There are differences with the Yun and it would be great to have your support.


I can't speak for the powers that be who run this web site, but my guess is that you will never find a forum section here dedicated to the Tian. That board is a product of a different company (arduino.org) and not the company that runs this site (arduino.cc)

Some time ago, the Arduino founders had a falling out, and a portion of the company split off and formed their own competing company. There is some debate about who owns the Arduino trademark, so both companies are calling themselves Arduino. It's an unfortunate situation that leaves a lot of customers confused.

I'm not familiar with the support options over at arduino.org, but I think that is likely going to be the only place you will find product-specific information for the Tian.


Thanks. Indeed the .cc/.org situation makes things very unclear


Is Arduino Tian an hardware upgrade of Arduino Yun?
They both run linux openwrt with wifi support.

For MCU:

SRAM 12.8 times larger,
Flash memory 8 times larger

For micro processor:

w/ 4GB emmc,
frequency 560MHZ

For wifi:
Support Dual Band


I have no experience with the Tian, but it does seem to be an amped-up Yun: a similar type of Linux processor/networking subsystem, but a 32 bit ARM MCU instead of the 8 bit AVR MCU.


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New Arduino Tian make Arduino out of bottom of the food chain.

And AR9342:MIPS 74Kc@560MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz (dual band) v.s. AR9331 MIPS 24Kc@400MHz, 2.4GHz

MIPS32 24 Kc  delivers a performance of 1.6 DMIPS/MHz and 3.1 Coremarks/MHz.
MIPS32 74 Kc  delivers a performance of 1.93 DMIPS/MHz and 3.48 Coremarks/MHz

AR9342:MIPS 74Kc@560MHz run 2 times  faster than AR9331 MIPS 24Kc@400MHz.

Tian runs Double speed! of Yun.


Where you bought the arduino ? I see the arduino.org pageand have not seen distributors with stock :S link please!



you can find the Tian on RS Components!


Anyone know how I can reset the Arduino tian in factory defaults ??

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