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The accurate way is to count/time the pulses, not integrate them.  Individual pulse size depends
on mechanical positioning/runout and temperature.
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I don't understand. I have what I have. The sensor is fixed as is the amaount of teeth.  I'm unsure about how to write the code to read the rpm from an inductive signal. It will be spinning around 60,000rpm. Thanks.


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Have you built the circuit shown in reply #3?
Have you googled "arduino inductive sensor rpm"?
Have you tried any code at all? If so, post it, using code tags, and tell us what you observed and learned.

It will be spinning around 60,000rpm
At that extreme rotational speed, hopefully the wheel is very carefully balanced and spinning in a steel jacketed vacuum chamber.


Hi. Yeh I did all that. I watched a guy using a pulse from a coil around a HT lead on a spark plug. Also watched somome do it with a infrared LED and pickup. U tried his code but he seems to be using an interrupt and can't figure it out. I'm really struggling on the Code. Thanks.


I'm really struggling on the Code.
This would be a good time to read the "How to use this forum" sticky and follow the instructions.

Post the code, using code tags, explain what the code should do, and what it does instead.


I will do thanks. I deleted the code that I'd done because I couldn't get it to work. I'll have another go now. On the diagram the vcc is that 5v through the sensor? Then to my analog input A0?  Thanks.

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