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I am thinking about building a fully automatic egg incubator.

Humidity, temperature, fresh air and egg turning should at least be controlled.

2 AI - One for humiditysensor and one for potentiometer (setpoint - Scaled to 0-100%Rh)
2 DI - one for automatic control and one for heatelement always on.
1 DO - For heatelement

2 AI - One for temperaturesensor and one for potentiometer (setpoint - Scaled to 15c to 50c)
4 DI - one for automatic control and one for heatelement always on. One for fancontrol auto and one for fan always on.
2 DO - For heatelement and fan

2 AI - for potentiometers (setpoints for time between freshairventilation and time for fan runtime - scaled 0-24 hours and 0-60 min.)
2 DI - one for automatic control on and one for always on.
1 DO - for fan

2 AI - for potentiometers (setpoints for time between turnings and time one turn must take)
6 DI - one for automatic turning on, one for tray down, one for tray center, one for tray top, one for move up and one for move down
2 DO - one for motor up and one for motor down

PV and SP should be represented on a LCD-screen.

AI = analog input
DI = digital input
DO = digital output
SP = setpoint
PV = process value

What controller and what sensors would you use? Is it at all possible to make this? The temperature and humidity should be controlled with PID.

I'm not a arduino-expert, should there be a Danish programmer who needs a challenge, dont hesitate to respond! :smiley-red:




temperature  - DHT22 or DS18B20 (favo)
humidity - DHT22

Note: Check I2C for additional DI and DO lines  e.g. - https://github.com/RobTillaart/Arduino/tree/master/libraries/PCF8574 -

have a look at the teensy2.0 - http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/index.html - it has 12 Analog inputs
Rob Tillaart

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Sounds easy, how about motor and motorcontrol?


for Motor Control there are shields like the
Arduino Motor Shield
or - as example look through the different models from pololu

i would consider to use an Rotary Encoder + one button as the input thing.
than you can make a menu with the lcd an don't need all the potentiometers..

sunny greetings


Im not sure that I Can make such a menue on the lcd.  Sounds like a hardcore programming task...

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