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can I choose for my screen( ITDB02-3.2 ) portrait or landscape , either or each screen has special kind of orientation?

are all the sizes of screen (3.2 , 3.8 , 2.4 ....) have the same range of coordinates (x,y) between (0,0) to (239,319) ? if no , How do I know my screen coordinates  ( ITDB02-3.2 ) ?


Actually... the data sheet which apparently you didn't bother to read... would have told you what the screen resolution is. The information contained in the instructions that came with the UTFT package also would have given the information to you. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for not making an attempt to simply read... the supplied information for the display you purchased. Now your question requires someone to have the display or read the data sheet for you.
The Itead 3.2" display is a 320 X 240 line display.
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