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FYI I was able to fix the jitter by shifting the level of the PWM from 5V to 3.3V. Don't ask me why, but it was the only difference I saw with the RC receiver so I tried. I used sparkfun optoisolator to shift the 5V to 3.3V and it works like a charm.
Project Guidance / Re: Cheap (inverted?!?) half-a...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 09:46 am
i was asking the wrong question
if i asked about my problem instead of about my solution it might have been easier
That is always the case but you will not be surprised to learn that many Threads here take a very long time to get around to describing the basic requirement.  :)

Deutsch / Re: m5stack_index.json Dateisi...
Last post by amithlon - Today at 09:46 am

melden muß sich so ein M5Stack auf jeden Fall, wenn man den an einen PC steckt. Ist ja nur ein ESP32 mit CP210x USB-Seriell Wandler.
In der Arduino-IDE sollte das Board in der Liste als M5Stack-Core-ESP32 und als M5Stack FIRE drin sein.
ESP32 Dev Kit und ESP32 Wrover sollten aber auch gehen.

Interessant: hat der M5Stack nicht 4MB PSRAM? Die werden beim M5Stack-Core-ESP32 nicht eingebunden, bei Wrover und DevKit aber schon.

Gruß aus Berlin
Sensors / Re: BME280 Sensor not working
Last post by zoomx - Today at 09:42 am
If you are using the Adafruit library take the address fount with I2C scanner and put it inside the begin

Code: [Select]
For example if I2C found the sensor at 0x76 write
Code: [Select]
Project Guidance / Re: Problem with Serial inputs...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 09:42 am
Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data. There is also a parse example to illustrate how to extract numbers from the received text.

Software / Re: Conversione int-char con i...
Last post by fabpolli - Today at 09:41 am
Primo errore, lunghezza dell'array. Su Arduino int ospita valori tra -32768 a 32767 quindi la conversione può arrivare a sei caratteri più il carattere terminatore, un array dimensionato a 5 caratteri può portare a errori per via del overflow dell'array durante la conversione quindi va definito almeno di lunghezza 7.
Poi per fare la zerofill puoi pensare di usare la funzione sprintf anziché la itoa che ti permette di fare quel che desideri.

Se riempi un vettori di char con il carattere '0' e poi lo passi alla itoa o ad una qualsiasi funzione di manipolazione stringhe (che non sia la concatenazione) i valori vengono sovrascritti.
Quello che si può fare se si vuol intraprendere quella strada è quella di determinare la lunghezza della stringa risultante dalla itoa usando un secondo array di char, inserire nel primo array tanti zeri quanti servono (lunghezza desiderata-lunghezza della seconda stringa) e poi concatenare le due.
Project Guidance / Re: Using Arduino UNO to contr...
Last post by westfw - Today at 09:41 am
You code looks basically OK to me.   I'd remove the Serial.println() statements - the manual doesn't mention  needing newlines.

The shifter has successfully converted the idle(0V) to a -10V and the high (5V) to a +10V.
"Idle" at TTL levels is +5V, which should be -10V on the output of your shifter.  (but that sounds like a misunderstanding, rather than something that is wrong in your circuit.  -10V is correct idle state.)
Rule of thumb for old-style serial connections: the cable is wrong, somehow.
Project Guidance / Re: Asset tracking
Last post by ScaleGurus - Today at 09:40 am
Unfortunately, that's not an option.
All parking is in the center of our property and the buildings are around the outside. As said in last post, employees go between all of the buildings. They walk through the parking lot to get there.
All of it is inside the fence and there's only one gate entrance and exit.
Software / Re: byte ed int
Last post by torn24 - Today at 09:39 am
Secondo me non ha senso usare byte in programmi non complessi o che abbiano poco codice.
In realtà per i programmatori professionisti tendono a scrivere codice che utilizzi il minimo di risorse, memoria e tempo della CPU. Se c'è da risparmiare un byte lo fanno anche se poi il programma deve girare su un PC da 32 Gbyte di ram.

Se io ho l'abitudine di fare sempre bene, non c'è rischio di fare male per distrazione. Su un microcotrollore a maggior ragione! Se a te piacesse scrivere programmi per PC hobbystici, forse non arriveresti mai in nessun caso al limite di ram, mentre su arduino è capitato tante volte arrivare al limite della ram, forse tu non ti sei cimentato in programmi che richiedono memoria, ma è molto facile con arduino esaurire la ram :)
Sensors / Re: Erratic Voltage Readings f...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 09:38 am
That comparator can't work that way, because it has an open collector output.
You must add a (10k?) pull up resistor from the opamp's output to 5volt.

A comparator outputs a digital signal.
Don't know why you're trying to read it's analogue value with an analogue pin.

If you want an amplified analogue signal from your photo diode, then Google "transimpedance amplifier".
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