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I have one of these cartreaders and all I can say is that this thing is elite. While I have used it to dump a dozen or so ROMs, understated is the ability to test the N64 controllers.

I love this thing!


Hi Sanni, thanks for the awesome contributions!

Could you post some high res pics of your assembled board? Specifically, I'm wondering how you mounted the 22uF cap.

I've soldered mine with the positive going to +5v, however when I plug the board in, the cap overheats and makes smoke.

edit: good catch! I confused the pinout of the regulator.

I've had no issues flashing the NP carts without the clock gen and most SMD components, just powering everything via the arduino.


The positive pin is marked with a - on the SMD capacitors. So you have to solder it the other way.


I noticed in the Github repo that this reader can dump Genesis/MD carts. Is there an adapter needed for this?


Yes an adapter is needed which I have designed but not tested so far.

You can order five 5cm * 10cm pcbs with 1.2mm PCB thickness for $5 plus shipping from elecrow if you want to try it.

Download Gerber files


You'll also need some MD slots like those.



i pushed some code based on Skaman's code to Sanni's code to enable reading Tengai Makyou Zero (SPC7110).
It also has some reorganizing of the code, that in that my opinion cleans it up a bit.



I ended up making one of the Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge adapters. I won't post a pic here because my soldering is atrocious.

I did about a dozen or so games and they all dumped fine with the exception of two. But I think the bad dumps for those two are due to the filth factor of their connectors. When I get some time later I will clean them and re-dump them.

I was pretty excited to be able to dump my Genesis games! Thanks again Sanni for the hard work!

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