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My Lilypad USB used to work, but now it is impossible to upload any new sketch on it and the TX/RX leds do not blink any longer.

I am on Linux. Is there a way to troubleshoot the connexion? Or is my Lilypad dead?

I must say that my lilypad USB was in bad shape : I accidentally broke the USB connector and had to solder it back in, and it is possible that something broke after a while.

Currently, when I plug my lilypad in the power led does show up, that's all.
I also tried to press the reset button (that lights up another led), but it does not solve the problem.

My host does see the Lilypad USB in dmesg:

Code: [Select]

[ 4314.711734] usb 1-1.2.3: Product: LilyPadUSB   
[ 4314.711736] usb 1-1.2.3: Manufacturer: SparkFun Electronics
[ 4314.712150] cdc_acm 1-1.2.3:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device



Update: I did a few tests on my Lilypad USB. I plug it to my Linux host.

  • the Power led on the Lilypad USB lights up when I plug the USB cable in
  • TX/RX does not light up
  • lsusb does not see Lilypad
  • dmesg does not see Lilypad (contrary to my previous message)
  • I tested the USB cable with an Android smartphone: I manage to pull and push files to the smartphone through ADB, which for me means that the cable works

So, any idea?


Do you have a photo of your actual setup?


What would you like to see? I don't have a photo, I can take one, but I can't see how this is going to be helpful.
The Lilypad alone, plugged to a computer with a USB cable, fails to be programmed - no TX/RX light and no device seen on the computer.
This only occurs since a few days, before it used to work, and the lilypad has always had a bad usb connector that I had to solder again so I suspect it is completely out.

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