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oswaldo urbani filho

May 17, 2017, 11:51 pm Last Edit: May 18, 2017, 05:02 pm by oswaldo urbani filho Reason: Modify my question just to let people know precisely what I really ask!
Hi there! I´m Mechanical Engineer. Electronics knowledge very, very basic!!.

Need to develop a control system to my pbr. Just basic functions for algae growth study, such as:

-Inside reactor temperature, pH, pressure. The three sensors work submersed in whater.

-I also need two solenoid valves to CO2 (carbon dioxid) and Air flow regulation. Both will be exparged inside the reactor.

-There´s also an external artificial lighting system with a LED arrangement. It´s necessary to control and measure light irradiance and make LED turn on-off according to a light/dark programable cycle.

I need to buy such components. Sinse I have an ARDUINO Mega 2560 R3, what are the main characteristics and specifications I need to now about these components in order they be compatible and work well with this board?

I appreciate very much if somebody can give this tip!! Tks Urbani


Please don't bother wasting your precious time looking for the duplicate of this topic, because I've deleted it.
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for solenoids you can use some uln2003 buffer and a fast recovery diode, they will protect your microcontroller from inductive charges, with that you cant easily drive some relays depending of the energetic demand of your actuators, I dont know what sensors do you have in mind but I recommend you to buy only "smart sensors" (they already gives you data processed of what you are sensing).

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