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Some weeks ago I bought two ADS1015 12 bits ADC's. I experimented with the Adafruit libary, but it contains a bug: all 4 inputs read the same value while there were different voltages.
Therefore I developed a library myself, and I want to share it with you. The main features are:
  • it is asynchronous, meaning: it starts a conversion, which will take about 1.6ms, and returns control to the main program. While the ADC is converting, you can do other things and come back later to fetch the result;
  • ALL 8 input modes of the ADS1015 are implemented (in the Adafruit library two useful input modes are missing);
  • you can configure fixed gain or automatic gain adjustment. With auto gain adjust, the library will choose the optimum gain configuration for the programmable gain amplifier in the ADS1015.

I have included the library as a ZIP attachment. You can install it from there and there is an example sketch included.
During developing the library I obtained a lot of knowledge about this ADC. This may be useful to you, and I wrote it down in a document. This document is also attached.

I have only a couple of months experience with Arduino and C/C++, so suggestions for improvement are appreciated!




love this library, the one from Adafruit didn't really work and this is great. Any chance you can post a github link for easier download on a headless system?

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