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Can any one please explain why the solenoid opens and closses without the microcontroller?

Thank you!
Maybe if you had a sensible arrangement of parts and the labels on the 3 Pin thing weren't overlapping. I'm cleaning, I'm not in the mood be deciphering that mess.
I have an Arduino Elegoo Uno R3 and a Vsionic keypad with multiple user codes. I was wondering if there was a way to program it so each user code unlocked a different cabinet via magnetic lock?

I've successfully used a single keypad for a single lock, but google isn't really helping me figure this out, possibly due to vague wording on my part.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Generale / Re: IDE che si ricorda la sche...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 05:53 pm
... sarebbe utile avere un concetto di "progetto" o "solution", cose che sono presenti in tutti gli IDE decenti ...
... infatti, a parte l'IDE di Arduino, che ha però il suo scopo (... è fatto per avvicinare chi NON è del settore e quindi, come per tutti il resto, semplifica al massimo), tutti gli altri lo hanno.

Detto questo, a me, Visual Studio, fa ... 

Project Guidance / Re: Can't figure out how to us...
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 05:52 pm
3.3V is 66% of 5V. Some devices read >50% Vdd as high already so 3.3V works well (assuming the line is indeed at that level); others want 70% or even 80% before it's read as high.

As it's sold as a kit I would expect it to work out of the box.
i have also gotten rid of the extra brackets that were mentioned
So please post the code as it is now in a new post and use code tags when you do
Sensors / Re: ads1115 with smoothing can...
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 05:49 pm
What you posted is for sure not your actual code. This doesn't compile, there's a syntax error in it.

In this code (if you would fix it and actually start using it - pretending it's the real thing) you're still taking a single reading from our adc, then start to work on that single reading in the while loop. Take you readings inside the loop.

Code: [Select]

 // take a number of analog samples and add them up
double sum = 0.0; // set the proper type & initialise the variable - that was another error in your code.
int adc0;

for (int i = 0; i < NUM_SAMPLES; i++) { // You ignored the advice to use a for loop!
  adc0 = ads.readADC_SingleEnded(0); // take a sample
  sum += (adc0 * 0.1875)/1000; // Add them all up - this are floating point numbers, won't work in the integer type in your code.
   delay(100); // Doing this 64 times means this loop blocks the device for 6.4 seconds!
voltage = sum/NUM_SAMPLES; // Take the average. Note that it's customary to not start variable names with a capital. Style makes your code readable.

That should do.
It's really not hard to take an average of 64 readings, as long as you take 64 readings and not just one!
Oh crap I even read about that a while ago in the help, I forgot about integer math ,  Thanks for the reply guys.   
I am looking for someone to help me put together a simple prototype of a temperature / humidity sensor and an RFID reader. Off the shelf components. Boston local ideal. Start ASAP. Let me know if interested and I can share details.

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