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Jun 19, 2017, 09:43 pm Last Edit: Jun 20, 2017, 12:00 pm by JoeRedfish Reason: update
This Sketch is for a webserver that load files from SD.
It will work fast and is small.
For more info read the Sketch.

My problem is, the site loads quickly most of the time.
But after seconds the browser still wait for 1-3 seconds while loading.
To check this, please put a bigger website to SD.

This may be a sync problem on the SPI.

I dont have a MEGA at this time - if any of you can - please test the SKETCH ?

Simply save a complete website with your browser to the SD and rename the start file to index.htm

Please dont forget to change the MAC and IP values for your NET...

Thank you - Joe


I have get a MEGA clone from China now and test this - it still works until now.
Can be a SRAM/Stack problem when using only 2k in the 328 in the UNO.
On 2560 and 8k this problem is missing - until many days the server runs stable on bigger site with script files, css and many pictures.

Every 77 sec. the refesh switch is on - and run for days. (must be activated in code)

Next step is to modify the html files from the SD card on the fly by code to get the actual PIN/PORT status from every PIN. I will put key words into the html files that are replaced by the real hardware PORTs/PINs values short before sending the data.

Has anyone a web site for test for me? (no php, asp etc. only html with java script and other clent side features)

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