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Hello everybody,

I'm working right now with Simulink and Arduino Uno. When I try to read with analog Input on Simulink a pin from Arduino with a voltage variation, and I display by Scope the signal, I only get 0.

I have read that with Arduino Uno is not possible to monitor a signal using Simulink, but according the technical features of matlab site, Arduino support this feature. https://es.mathworks.com/hardware-support/arduino-simulink.html

Should it work or this function is not possible with Arduino Uno.

Thank you in advance


Sounds more like you have an improper circuit or your improper programming of Simulink.

I assure that the Arduino Uno is capable of measuring analog signal.


I am facing same probem , first i tried LED Blink through Simulink its working perfectly fine . But when i tried to read Analog value from pin A0 it always shows 0 . I am using Matlab 2014 .

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