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Hi all,

I've found a nice tutorial on making a USB studio microphone with a USB soundcard but since I have no usb sound card and am not willing to discard or waste 60% of the capability's of that usb soundcard I was thinking about an Attiny85 usb microphone.

Only problem is that I can't find any information on that. Attiny85 Digispark has HID devices and all but I can't find anything about a Microphone. Mic's are HID too.

Did any one think of that?

Shouldn't be to hard, but I can't find any library or indication on how to start such a project. The attiny85 with its ADC capabilitys should be able to make a nice studio microphone. Those things do like 100 to 250 $ and for some home music recording it would be nice to have  a attin85 usb microphone.

I hope someone may could point me in the right google search direction, because after like 3 hours of searching I can't find anything. And again, I can't be the only one that thought about it... Often it's the terminology with one could find the right stuff...

Thnxx already


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This is going to be extremely hard, if not impossible. The ATtiny85 was never designed as a USB device, let alone a USB soundcard.

Without extensive knowledge of the USB protocol, it's impossible to have it show up as a sound device.

USB problems aside, the ADC performs extremely poorly for sound recording. The bit depth is only 10 bits, compared to 24 bits for most professional ADCs, and you're lucky if you can get up to 8kHz sampling rates. You need at least 40kHz to cover the entire human spectrum.


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