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Hi Everyone,
I was hoping to get some recommendations on placed to purchase a DC powered (high-torque) worm drive motor.  I'm looking for something around 30rpm and ideally somewhere between 4.5-9V power.  Really, I'm looking for as much torque as possible (while still maintaining close to 30rpm) and ideally... not something super expensive.  All the stuff I seem to finding online is stuff in China which has minimums of at least 100 pieces or more.  I'm making a prototype, so I'm really only looking for one motor that meets these specifications.  Does anyone have any ideas?


A windshield wiper motor from the local junkyard?

Motors larger than wiper size start to ramp up in price pretty quickly. surpluscenter.com has a few lower-priced options.


one option is to use a stepper motor...
wiper motor is an option you cannot overlook


If you are in Australia, try Jaycar. Www.jaycar.com.au they have some dc reduction motors and worm drive kits at reasonable prices. How much torque do you need?


DC powered (high-torque) worm drive motor.

need a better definition of high-torque.
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Try a 12V Window Crank Motor. Inexpensive, low current readily available.


Edit: the ones I use, form PA, draw 800ma at 5VDC (~17RPM)  and 1amp at 9VDC (~25RPM)
The shaft is 1/2", and for what it's worth I cannot stall the motor with 4" pliers.
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