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Hi all. I want to connect the monitor samsung lms700kf07-004 to Arduino mega or MAX32. someone has already tried??? There are libraries? internet will not find much information


Interesting display. Where did you buy it, and what did you pay for it?

I can find the datasheet, but not an example of someone with working code.
Is the interface compatible with other lcd displays?


You can buy it on ebay for $ 46 plus shipping.
I also have not been able to find programming examples.
Theoretically should have an interface similar to ITDB02, only with more pins for data transmission.


The package indicates that a 'complete VGA' monitor can be purchased for $139.00. Seems like a lot of trouble and time for a VGA display... without a case. The display driver for the Arduino listed here"<http://www.microvga.com/>" seems a better choice, I would love to be able to display 7" but this is the real world and sometimes... IMO there are many different methods to 'crossing the road" but some are better than others. IMO Only

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