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Programming Questions / Re: Pairing 2 HM-10 modules
Last post by Nick_Pyner - Today at 02:34 am
Does anyone know what I have done wrong?
This is the website I used -
The first thing you have done wrong is read an Instructable dealing with an HC-05 while holding an HM-10 in your hand. Of course I could be wrong, and you actually have HC-05s but are asking about pairing HM-10s, in which case, and if you really want to pair HC-05, you should ignore reply#1. The default rate for configuring HC-05 is 38400.

Once you have decided  what you have, and what you want to do with it, you will get the best tutorials  at

I have just realised that maybe you are causing all this confusion because you actually have one of each, in which event I am sure you are out of luck, as I'm sure HM-10 is not backward compatible.
Ideally speaking, yes it does work.  Some people keep their workstations in separate rooms of house (or office) and just have the extension run to their desk.  This way the mouse, keyboard, and accessories run over USB-ethernet back to the machine, in a temperature controlled clean room. 

If the cabling is done correctly there is not a problem.  This means avoiding laying un-shielded cable across florescent ballasts and that type of thing.  If you have a question about it, just lay out 100ft (or however long you want) ethernet cable in the same room and test your hardware.  This way you know if it works before you bury the cable in your walls (if your doing that). 

I usually try find youTube video review on devices like this stuff, to see if anyone else has proven if whatever I want to buy does work, or if there are problems.  A name brand device like "tripp-lite" has a reputation to protect and they lay out their specifications - unlike non-name brand china stuff which can be anyone's guess. 
Software / Problema para pasar variable p...
Last post by Heraclito1955 - Today at 02:26 am
Hola! hace días que estoy lidiando con esto y no consigo resolverlo por más que busco soluciones en google.
Quiero enviar una variable que reúne peso, hora y minuto de un Arduino uno a un módulo 8266 por serial para que éste lo envíe los datos a una página web (ahí se separa la variable en los tres datos que necesito). El problema es que no consigo que el Arduino envíe la variable o que el módulo la lea.
Si en el módulo 8266 le doy un valor concreto a la variable "envio" (por ejemplo: "34b12b30b") todo funciona perfectamente pero si dejo que el arduino le envíe el valor de la variable por serial (que es justamente lo que necesito) no pasa nada. En que me estoy equivocando???


Void loop() {
   int pe=(balanza.get_units(20)); //Pesa
   DateTime now =; // Obtener hora actual y mostrar por Serial
   byte H = now.hour();
   byte M = now.minute();
  char envio[12];
  sprintf(envio, "%3db%2db%2db", pe, H, M);


void loop() {
String envio;
  Serial.print("connecting to ");
  // Use WiFiClient class to create TCP connections
  WiFiClient client;
  const int httpPort = 80;
  if (!client.connect(host, httpPort)) {
    Serial.println("connection failed");

 // send data only when you receive data:
       if (Serial.available() > 0) {
             envio =;
 String url = "/ensayo.php";
  String dato1 = "?peso=";
  String dato2 = envio;
Serial.print("Requesting URL: ");
  client.print(String("GET ") + url + dato1 + dato2 + " HTTP/1.1\r\n" + "Host: " + host + "\r\n" + "Connection: close\r\n\r\n");
  unsigned long timeout = millis();
  while (client.available() == 0) {
    if (millis() - timeout > 5000) {
      Serial.println(">>> Client Timeout !");



  $peso= $_GET["peso"];
  list($palabra1, $palabra2, $palabra3) = explode('b', $peso);
echo $palabra1;
echo $palabra2;
echo $palabra3;
 if (!is_null($peso))
$file = fopen("registro.txt", "a");

fwrite($file, "$hoy");   
fwrite($file, "--------");
fwrite($file, "Peso ");
fwrite($file, "$palabra1");
fwrite($file, " kg");
fwrite($file, "----");
fwrite($file, "Hora ");
fwrite($file, "$palabra2");
fwrite($file, ":");
fwrite($file, "$palabra3" . PHP_EOL);

   $file = fopen("registro.txt", "r");
while(!feof($file)) {
$linea = fgets($file);
echo $linea . "<br />";


Project Guidance / Re: erratic behavior with alar...
Last post by saltyjoe - Today at 02:22 am
Thanks a ton! I'll get after it in the morning.
Hello, I am trying to take a variable that reads a word and breaks it up into individual letters.

If the variable is hello, then it would break up into h e l l o.

Or if the variable reads "Turn on motor" it would break it up into multiple variables where 1 reads "Turn" the other "on" and the other "motor".

i'm using a string function called voice

and getting variable values from a blue tooth device. Where when I speak a sentence it makes that 1 variable instead of different variables for each word in the sentence.
Blackfin, I had not thought of that. What I'm puzzled by is why it doesn't proceed once the contact is released. I can see how bounce might make COM go low prematurely but would that prevent it from correctly responding when the switch is released?
Hardware / Re: Control de 8 reles ssd med...
Last post by tauro0221 - Today at 02:19 am
Adjunto un link que esplica como alambrarlo y un sketch de como hacerlo. Pruebalo a ver si te sirve. Espero que te sirva.
I don't think this is an IoT matter. The "I" stands for Internet.
Yeah Arduinos need HMDI :D
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