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LEDs and Multiplexing / Re: Two arduinos, Same led
Last post by PaulRB - Today at 09:12 pm
Since i used all the modules (wifi, bluetooth, gsm) , and all the the devices to be controlled on the same arduino, i no longer have this issue.
So it was just an "X-Y" problem and we fell for it!
You can, but in general you need a different variable for each dimension measured, unless every room that you measure is going to be square,
Thanks for helping me out. So would I just do assign something like:

Code: [Select]

all_distances = []
(ultrasonic.distanceRead(INC)) = all_distances

I'm so confused.
Bar Sport / Re: What happened to the pizza...
Last post by TKall - Today at 09:11 pm
In that vein, perhaps I spend too much time reporting that particular POS who has been hacking into sites on ebay with his fraudulent listings.  He sent me an address to send my moneygram.  Maybe someone who lives in London would care to weigh in on where this place is.  I looked on google earth and it looks like a shopping district with stores like tommy hilfinger.  The guy is relentless and it really makes me mad that he is expending so much energy trying to screw people. 
Microcontrollers / Re: delay and millis
Last post by psycho0 - Today at 09:11 pm
attachInterrupt(sensorInterrupt, pulseCounter, FALLING);

//Insterrupt Service Routine

void pulseCounter()
 // Increment the pulse counter

instead of this..can we use

attachInterrupt(sensorInterrupt, pulseCount++, FALLING);

Programming Questions / Re: I need help
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 09:11 pm
But really, what I want is not how you think you would do it.  What I want you to tell is what you want the thing to do.  Like, "I want this box to make these four servos match the movements of those other four servos on this other box."  Or something like that.  Imagine that I'm right there about to look at this thing once it is working and finished.   Describe to me what I see. 

Can you do that?  Can you describe what the finished product does?

This.  I've been trying to get you to tell us what this thing is supposed to do.   If you can't spell it all out in normal language, then there is no hope that it will ever be translated into code by anyone ever. 

Stop posting code and technical descriptions and just describe what it is supposed to do.  Why would you want to build such a thing.  What use is it. 

Do you understand?
Hardware / Re: Consiglio convertitore DC/...
Last post by cloto - Today at 09:10 pm
ho appena postato sull'assorbimento del DC DC converter. Sono si molto utili ma sembra che si "rubino" la bellezza di 0,5 watt per funzionare.

Ma attendo risposte più quotate..  :)
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Deutsch / Re: Random-Zahlen vergleichen?
Last post by agmue - Today at 09:10 pm
... aber wenn ich jetzt den Reset-Button drücke (und dann natürlich anschließend den Taster wieder), fängt es immer mit den gleichen "Zufallszahlen" an.
Du hast randomSeed() vergessen.

Eine berechnete Zufallszahl ist immer gleich, wenn die Rechnung immer gleich ist. Mit randomSeed bringst Du echten Zufall mit ins Spiel. Da der Zeitpunkt eines Tastendrucks so ein zufälliges Element beinhaltet, könntest Du millis(), die Zeit seit Reset, dafür verwenden.

Nur 2ter ...
Project Guidance / Re: Diaphragm Shutters with Co...
Last post by cattledog - Today at 09:09 pm
There will be a computer a available.
That's good. You can use the Serial Monitor of the IDE to communicate with the Arduino connected through USB and make the settings. It is the most simple method.

Do you have an answer to UKHeliBob's questions in post #3? Getting started with the basic examples and becoming familiar with the environment will be your first step. Having the Arduino control the shutter through the controller unit will be very simple. If you can blink the on board led, you can blink the shutter.

In terms of the specific shutter program, start with the design the interface. No code required. Do you want to set up the exposure time , number of exposures, time between exposures? Different exposures during a run? A command for start? You will set up the program to prompt the user to enter data--What do you want the prompts to be?

When you know what information to enter through the monitor, the next thing to do is to review Robin2's tutorial on Serial input to the Arduino

Deutsch / Re: EQ per Midi steuern und in...
Last post by uxomm - Today at 09:09 pm
Was für eine Gitarrenklangregelung möchtest du denn steuern? Gibt es einen Link oder zumindest ein Bild davon?
Wenn das alles "vollanalog" ist, dann wird es "eher recht ambitioniert", also nicht unmöglich, aber schon nicht ganz so einfach - vor allem wenn du noch nicht allzu viel Erfahrung hast.

Die Frage ist auch:
Willst du haupsächlich Musik machen und suchst eine bequeme Lösung verschiedene Effekte etc. abzuspeichern und später wieder aufzurufen? Dann würde ich zum Beispiel eher hier suchen: Gitarreneffekte mit MIDI.

Oder macht es dir das "Elektronik-Basteln" sehr viel Spaß und du möchtest beweisen, dass es auch möglich ist analoge Effekt-Geräte mit MIDI zu steuern? Dafür bist du bereit (je nach Vorerfahrung) sehr viele Stunden zu investieren. Dafür wirst du möglicherweise oft auf das Musikmachen verzichten müssen :)

Oder...  :)

Ich möchte dich aber keinesfalls entmutigen.
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