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No place to purchase a shield as of yet.....and I haven't made one. The receiver boards I made were more for breadboarding along side a micro vice placing on top of an Arduino.

I'm still playing with a few things as I have time. I did manage to integrate one of the 4707 boards with an Adafruit ultimate GPS module to do signal strength analysis based on GPS location. Right now it is a serial feed to a laptop for terminal emulation capture (HyperTerm / ProComm), but I'm sure a SD Card could be implemented easily. Serial output sends:

Latitude, Longitude, Signal Strength (dBm)

This capture allows you to do a GPS map overlay.

If I thought there would be much interest I could look at making a shield.



I would personally like to have a breakout board rather than a shield so I could use it in a standalone design.


Been a while since I posted an update but SI4707 SAME receiver modules are ready.


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