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So this nice kind of visualization is something like your life work?
So it seems...


Dear mitov,

I'm very attracted by such these visual tools and today i downloaded the demo f visuino (this name is very similar to my surname....).
It's very interesting and i was thinking to buy a copy of it, but...
I tried to realize a very simple circuit in which a button lights a led. I press and release the button and the led remains active.
The source code is easy. It's only an if operation.
But in Visuino the tutorial makes me add an edge detector and a T flip flop. Is there the possibility to have blocks more similar to the real instructions?
Thank you very much and best regards



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But in Visuino the tutorial makes me add an edge detector and a T flip flop. Is there the possibility to have blocks more similar to the real instructions?
Hi Bruno,

Thank you!
The Visuino uses a completely different concept than programming. There is no IF statement as there are no statements at all. It uses a data-flow programming and, the design is completely different than coding. That is why the diagram looks different, and is actually easier to follow IMHO ;-)

With best regards,


Hello everyone,
It has been a while since I have been in the forum, and a lot has been happening in the Visuino development.
Earlier this year I redesigned it to generate over 90% less code and the generated code to use over 90% less RAM.
Redesigned the IDE to work faster.
I have also improved significantly the graphics display, and NeoPixels support, added large number of new platforms including ESP32, micro:bit, Maple Mini and more.
Introduced the Visuino Pro as a Beta with full Modbus support.
Added support for a number of robot shields and platforms.
Included live help, easier updates, and added hundreds of modules and new components.
I even added option to inject custom code in the Visuino project making it easier to access components currently not supported in Visuino.

Now, I just released Visuino - Graphical Development for Arduino - 7_8_2_259 with YahBoom BBC micro:bit robot support

Added YahBoom BBC micro:bit robot support
Improved BBC micro:bit support
Improved NeoPixels support for ESP32
Reduced Memory Usage by most Motor Control components
Reduced Memory Usage by the WiFi, Ethernet, and GPRS components
Reduced memory usage by SPI SSD1306 Display
Improved ST7735 Display implementation with reduced memory usage
Improved PCA9685 PWM implementation
Improved RGBW Ramp To Color component
A numbed of Visuino IDE improvements

Updated version of the User Code Component is included in the Visuino Pro version available in the G+ Community



Hey, Mitov.  This  is super cool and I'm eager to try it out.
I have a suggestion which is to encourage you to port the program to Linux.  I think it might have good pick-up by Raspberry Pi users and I'm planning to run the Linux side-load (or whatever) on my Chromebook. 
That's just my two cents.  Thanks a lot and I'm glad to see that development is still on-going!

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