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I have been wanting to make a GUI for an arduino that uses a touchscreen tft, but as you may know building your own gui can be a headache. I am wondering if there is a tool that can assist you or can use a visual editor that you could use to make a GUI that can run on an arduino without the headache?

I have found things like 4d systems, nextion, microgui (aka µgui) and pixelmiester but they are not all cheap and can be proprietary. MicroGUI's examples were written for some other micro controller (stm32 i think) and will not run, which is a shame because it is free and seemingly the most universal (supposed to only need a setPixel or similar function to work).

I do have a nextion lcd, seems cool, but somehow I bought the Chinese version of it which isn't supposed to work with the English version of the software (the glass also got cracked somehow - still works though).

So are there any visual editors or gui building tools you know of that work?

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