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Topic: Hack different rgb lighting softwares into one with arduino (Read 809 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi I'm currently building my PC into a desk and I decided to use a watercooled system. My CPU cooler is a Phanteks 350i and to connect the rgb lighting to my motherboard, I need a led motherboard. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that when I bought it and now I'd like to connect the cooler to an arduino and simulating that the arduino is a rgb motherboard to get my rgb lighting inside my CPU cooler to work. I just can't figure out how to start on that project because I can't connect the leds to figure out what color goes to what pin. (By the way my led cable is a 4pin cable).
After I finished with my cooler, I'd like to work on writing a program that suits all of my other rgb parts (mouse, fittings, led strips, mousepad). There the problem is that I can't access every program the led animations are running on. For example my Thermaltake rgb fittings are controlled by a controller with 3 buttons and there isn't even a software to control the lighting remotely. I already found out the pin configuration on that one. How can I control these all together with an arduino???

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