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sometimes it is nice to have a weekend with nothing to do. i went for a short motorcycle ride, came home, ate lunch, napped a bit, and here i am, still not doing much. :D maybe i am just getting fat and lazy, i don't know. but i haven't had much energy, either way. even for the things i love doing. i think about a great Arduino idea, and in the midst of researching about it, i fall asleep.

anyway, i was taking stock on my many started projects, and there are a lot of them, and i don't think i have found one yet that i have finished, for various reasons.
Trains: no space currently to setup a layout.
CNC: waiting on the roof to be done so i can run the AC electrical in the CNC camper.
HAM radio: waiting to take exam, still not 100% sure the radio works till i get a proper antenna, and a signal.
Drums: lack of small-motor control makes it hard to have coordination.
Any i forgot?
I think the biggest inhibitor is money (dispersed too thin between projects, and bills), and a severely short attention span.

so, presuming i pass my Ham Exam, we will see how long i last with that project...



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I passed my ham radio exam when I was 14 in the UK ( a long time ago) and even at that age tried to build all my own kit. With a lot of  help from knowledgable elders (in the scouts) and various publications. Valves, of course.

I eventually realized I was far more interested in the technology itself than  talking to people I'd avoid in the pub bragging about  whatever flash stuff they'd bought....

have fun.



I may be the same way, more into the tech, than the people. but as i don't make friends very easily, mostly because i am uncomfortable around new people. but i hope to stress that point of uncomfortable, and see if i can move beyond it. not sure if i want to jump right out and join a club, but we shall see.

have fun.
i hope i do :D


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