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Hello All,

I am Srinivas Batchu, sending this message from India.  I have used Arduino UNO boards in some of the project activities and noticed that UNO board do not have internal RTC.

Found from Arduino web site that "ARDUINO ZERO" (or)  "ARDUINO  MKRZERO" (or)  "ARDUINO MKR1000" boards have internal RTC i.e. not required to have additional RTC board.

Can you please let me know/ suggest me, where can I get  "ARDUINO ZERO" board in India.  When I am contacting the electronic component suppliers for example  Element14 or Mouser etc., they are telling they do not have  "ARDUINO ZERO"board and they have only  "ARDUINO UNO" board.

Request for your support on how to order/ get the ARDUINO ZERO (or)  ARDUINO MKRZERO (or) ARDUINO MKR1000  boards  in India.  

If these boards are not available in India, please let me know in which country i.e. Singapore (or) USA availability of these boards.

Appreciate for your kind support in this regard.

With Best Wishes
Srinivas Batchu


Good Day,

In the USA we can order directly from https://www.arduino.cc/ but many from Arduino boards are also available from https://www.adafruit.com/ and https://www.amazon.com/ among others. I don't know their international shipping policies but they are a start. You could also find the Arduino M0 and M0 Pro, these are similar to the Zero. If you deal with Adafruit you will also notice their feather M0 and related boards, these are quite similar products.


Hello sbatchu,

Arduino M0 pro is available in India via Amazon.in



Thanks for the updates on Arduino Zero board availability at "adafuit".

Appreciate for your support.


You can buy one from aliexpress. but they are expensive. If you have experience in circuit design, I'd suggest you make your own. all you need is an ATSAMD21G18A microcontroller a raspberry pi to burn bootloader and a simple circuit.

You can message me if you need help.

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