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Hi all,

Just posted about ArduinoWaker (Arduino + EthernetShield, for wakeonlan & turning USB-controlled power strips) here:


Please post any comments / discussion regarding this here :)


PS: And just one more thing :)

Was trying to see what possible alternatives there could be for a similar device; the only thing I think comes close is one of those new "plug" computers, like the GuruPlug Server - in the sense that they are small, always on, and spend little power; but while they are full servers, they don't have any digital outs to control power strips with :) (although I cannot imagine fitting them with a DB-25 would be too difficult)

So just as a little comparison: where I am, just a GuruPlug (power supply adapter included) would cost around 120 EUR; Duemilanove + Ethernet Shield + USB power strip w ground + power supply adapter would cost around 105 EUR (disregarding postage and packing, but including VAT).

Now, of course I do not want to start a discussion comparing apples and oranges here - just thought it was interesting to compare alternatives for devices that could fulfill the task of "waker" :) (although, arguably as say GuruPlug does not have any controllable digital outs built in, such comparison is not necessarily very profound either)..



Well, just a small update on the GuruPlug server: it seems that it does indeed offer 'naked pins' in a form of a U-snap port, which could be used for general purpose I/O (Generic digital I/O on GuruPlugs JTAG or USNAP port?), however that seems to require recompiling kernel modules for ARM architecture.

The plug also needs somewhat of a setup (GuruPlug - PlugWiki - 5.1 Notes), however the worst part is that these plugs (as their previous generation) seem to have a heating problem (GuruPlug Server Plus Heat Problems).

Hence the Arduino may still show itself as a better platform for a 'waker' :)


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