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I trust you could look at them as one inlet with two outlets and so not an issue

does make sense at first look, but is most likely incorrect.

It was not a speculation on my part, but based on the product description with its reference to one inlet and two outlets.
WR57X10032 Product Specifications: 1/4" Compression Inlet * 1/4" and 5/16" Outlet John Guest Fittings


Oh, sorry.  I didn't notice this when I had a look at it :). But I still think I'll go with the Seeed Studio solenoid simply because it is cheaper.  Thanks though!


does anyone know where to find Plaster of Paris in Australia

Maybe art supply shops.

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Yes it was :)
Refridgerator ice makers use single valves, if the washing machine valves or others don't work out.

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Thanks!  Well, if the Seeed Studio (I hate the way that the name is spelled) valves don't work, then I will make a mental note about that.  However, their valves are looking good in theory, and a recent trip to Bunnings (My local hardware store) showed that I could get 20mm outside diameter (I would say roughly 18mm inside diameter) PVC pipe which I could file down to fit the valves from Seeed Studio.  Do you reckon the water pressure that will build up over time could do some damage to the solenoids, the pipe or the hose?



don't know if they will ship to you.

I used their valves for my sprinkler system and have been happy with them. All these types of valve leak a bit so don't use them inside...

I used a normal (their controller).


Pantonvich, thanks for the link, but I'm still going to go for the Seeed Studio valves because I've worked most things out, and they seem perfect and as cost-effective as possible (I can run almost everything off my one power supply, etc.)  But thanks anyway :)


Plaster of Paris ?

Go to your local chemist or pharmacy - they should be able to either supply or source it for you - typically used to set broken limbs.

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