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Primo Levi.

And Monica Belluci (though for different reasons) again.
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Leonardo da Vinci?

And if not him, then his paintings - Mona Lisa... (it's in Paris, doesn't that count as export?)

Failing that, a bottle of Orvieto followed by a bottle or three of Nastro Azzuro (made by, but not Peroni!)
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Margherita Hack, a great italian woman. Carlo Rubbia, Enrico Fermi, Marconi, etc.

And I remind also great Italian film directors: Antonioni, Zeffirelli, De Sica (father!!!), Rossellini, Fellini, Pasolini, Bertolucci, Visconti, Sergio Leone, etc.
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Telephone :P ... cars and steam cars ... coffee machine ... medals ... electrical conductors ... sport shoes ... stilografica ... safe for guns and loaders for weapons ... electronic calculator ... submarine mines and non-metallic undetectable mines ... bicicle ... ball bearing ... grenade launcher ... carburator ... floating jackets ... flechette bullets ... hygrometer ... umbrella ... electric tramway ... internal combustion motor ... machinegun ... cooking oven ... and so on, the list is enormous ...

There are so much Italian inventions about "common use" items, that i suppose none knows all of them, including Italian peoples :P XD

But, more of all, we export "optimism" ... Italians are "optimists" ... why ? ... well, consider our actual situation, gov, taxes, difficulties, problems, and see that we still "hope" things will be better ... more "optimism" than this, you can't find elsewhere :P  :smiley-yell: :smiley-mr-green: 8) :smiley-eek-blue:
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Never to forget Campagnolo.
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