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Project Guidance / Re: What is the successor to t...
Last post by DrAzzy - Today at 09:38 pm
There are lots of Pro Mini knockoffs on eBay. They are cheap and always seem to work, at least for me.
I suspect that the reason the official board was discontinued was due to the extent to which the market is flooded with clones at this point. I always use the clones (and periodically donate to the Arduino cause to "make up" for not buying official boards)
Hardware / Re: Controllo ventola di raffr...
Last post by valeriosandrelli - Today at 09:37 pm
E come faccio a fissarli ai dissipatori? non vedo nessun foro..
Ma eventualmente esiste uno skech gia pronto per leggere la velocità della ventola tachimetrica?
Deutsch / Re: Meinen Arduino Code verste...
Last post by Serenifly - Today at 09:36 pm
Jedes Objekt hat seine eigenen Variablen:
Code: [Select]

struct EinAus
  const byte taster;
  const byte relais;
  bool altStatus;

Was verstehst du daran nicht? Der Konstruktor ist nur dazu da die Variablen zu initialisieren. Mit deren Existenz hat das rein gar nichts zu tun.

Und wenn du selbst keinen Konstruktor erstellt erzeugt der Compiler einen für dich
Deutsch / Re: Endtsufe Schrittmotor
Last post by Rentner - Today at 09:36 pm

Kann es sein das du über das Getriebe gestolpert bist

360 / 5,18 = 69 Grad

Generale / Re: Misuratore Ampere / Volt /...
Last post by Standardoil - Today at 09:36 pm
Per quanto riguarda invece i display? Che cosa c'è che non funziona come vorrei a livello software?
Non ne ho la più pallida idea, non sono interessato a display e robe simili
mi piace la programmazione "dura e pura", mi spiace
In the true way of Uno2 initiating the transmission you would need a multi master setup. That can get complex.

It's probably easier to make the RP poll Uno2 regular to see if it has something to tell and if so, read it.
There are lots of Pro Mini knockoffs on eBay. They are cheap and always seem to work, at least for me.
Robotics / Re: Arduino follow me everywhe...
Last post by Cricri - Today at 09:35 pm
Color blob trackers used in robotic competitions can be used to make a follower robot.

Hi, thanks for the answer! Other people suggest to me Pixie, however what I think is: will it work for follow people? I didn't find any example online..!! What do you think?
For a matrix of single led's with low current you can multiplex them with on one side a shift register (or mux). A (couple of) 595 on one side and the Arduino on the other will be able to drive it all directly at 1mA (aka via a resistor) no problem.

Led strips will be a different story. What do you want with that?
Deutsch / Re: Funkzündanlage
Last post by tripletreat - Today at 09:33 pm
Silvester Feurwerk bei mir Zuhause ist Privat , Feuerwerk was gebucht wird von einem Kunden oder Feuerwerk was von uns Gesponsort wird (Kirmes im Dorf usw) ist Gewerblich , wenn ich ein Feuerwerk für Geburtstage oder Hochzeiten mache ist ebenfalls Gewerblich
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