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Project Guidance / Re: IR Projector/Reflector
Last post by idolavi16 - Today at 09:27 am
I'm not talking about image recognition exactly, but something like recognizing if the object (with a reflector on it) enters the sensors FOV
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Deutsch / Re: Audio Visualisieren
Last post by Cyba3r - Today at 09:26 am
Guten morgen danke für deine Antwort. Allerdings habe ich den Fehler gefunden... Der ESP schaltet aus welchen Gründen auch immer alle GPios die kleiner als 32 sind ab sobald wifi eingeschaltet wird
How to find it latent heat latent heat = energy supplied / mass
volume is of ice is 53ml
i will connect arduino to make it on lcd or led
Programming Questions / Re: commented out a line and f...
Last post by pert - Today at 09:25 am
I do something similar with preprocessor conditionals but I think that, between indentation and the matched bracket highlighting feature, there's no point in doing it for braces.
Hardware / Re: Alimentazione relay 12V co...
Last post by fabpolli - Today at 09:25 am
Potresti fornire i dati tecnici (o link ai prodotti che intendi acquistare) in modo che le risposte possano essere precise?
Ad esempio se la pompa è 12V allora 6V non bastano, oltretutto se questa assorbe ad esempio 2A i 5-6 minuti le batterie non li possono garantire per la durata che chiedi, ecc. ecc.
Displays / 0.96" 128x64px OLED takes to m...
Last post by StefanMe - Today at 09:24 am
Hello guys!

I habe an 128x64 display with some data showing up in my build and have also some data to transfer over an RF69 433mHz Chip.
The transmission and receive time for the RF69 is less than10ms, but to update the display with some stuff takes around 100ms.

Code: [Select]
void updateMainDisplay()

void loop() {




void updateMainDisplay() {


  do {
  } while ( u8g2.nextPage() );

the more i draw, thelonger it takes to update the OLED and my cycle time goes up. Is there any chance to make the transmitToReceiver function parallel to the updateMainDisplay or to transmit the data many times while the display is updating?

Transmit data is absolut priority...

Project Guidance / Re: Reading Camera Pixel Data?
Last post by ChrisTenone - Today at 09:24 am
This sort of thing can easily be accomplished on the Raspberry Pi. That is getting an image into a program and reading pixels. The Pi has its own high resolution camara or you can use a plug in usb web cam.

However I think the whole project is doomed because of many factors. The main one being is that despite what you might think you will not get consistent results, due to things like stray light and variable / automatic camera settings.
Your concerns Mike, can be addressed by hacking an unused flatbed scanner for it's 800(or so)x1 light sensor array. A grating or prism can be focused onto the linear detector, and repeatedly sampled to obtain an average position of bright and dark bands. A slit or pinhole can exclude stray light and sharpen narrow bands into sharp lines. A cylindrical lens over the aperture will allow aiming errors as long as the source is the brightest object in the field of view.

I think an Arduino can process this data in real(ish) time.
 never mind I got it to work, I guess before I did the wiring wrong .
 But the transistor does heat up a lot within like 2 secs, I used TIP 111, so is it better to use a mosfet???
Software / Re: Problemi attachInterrupt s...
Last post by fabpolli - Today at 09:23 am
Resto dell'idea che dovresti fare un progrmma di minima con pulsante e led e vedere se dopo lo slepp, quando arriva l'interrupt dal pulsante il led cambia stato da spento ad acceso e viceversa per ogni pressione di pulsante, sia che non sia in sleep che arduinop sia in sleep.
Comunque altra cosa se il pulsante è fisico proverei anche a mettere una bella pullup e userei anzi il FALLING anziché il CHANGE (o una pulldown e il RAISING) per vedere che non sia quello legato anche a un problema software
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