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May 25, 2018, 02:49 pm Last Edit: May 25, 2018, 02:49 pm by NicoloP
Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new here and I still have to learn a lot but I like to start thinking on practical application and personal project where Arduino 'll help me on :smiley-lol:

PROBLEM TO SOVE: water waste.
my loveley girlfriend use to consume a looot of water when taking a shower and, of course, it's a water waste!  :smiley-mad:  :smiley-mad:  :smiley-mad:

MY IDEA: timer+buzzer .
I'm thinking on something like a sensor that automatically detect when someone starts to shower + a timer which will activate a buzzer after 5 min or so, you 'll be warned!

NOTE: difficulty level .
As I'm a beginner, I'm not looking for a "tough" project... I mean: no water-flow control with solenoid valves, braking, braking wall, electric shocks to my girlfriend, ecc...   :smiley-grin:

For sure ther's somenething smarter/automated and fun that I can do with Arduino and maybe you can give me some cool idea....

many thanks to all the comunity and for any questions please leave a comment.



Sounds to me like a regular kitchen timer would work.
I have small timer bought from $1 store.
I set it for 10 minutes.
Push Start.
It buzzes 10 minutes later.
Push Stop.


You need something that will make the shower icy cold after 5 mins running - that'll get her out!  :)

I used to stay in Abu Dhabi hotel for business and they had a notice on the shower about water use and it's something I still do today.....

Enter shower and turn on - shower with plain water for max 30seconds to rinse off body.
Turn shower off.
Apply shower gel/soap. Lather well.
Turn shower on - Rinse off and wet hair, Max 30 seconds.
Turn shower off.
Apply shampoo. Lather well.
Turn shower on and rinse for 30 seconds max.

There you have it - the 90 second shower that doesn't waste water and doesn't waste half the shampoo/shower gel down the drain either!

Maybe you could make a timer with led lights (like traffic lights) to do the visual warning and also have a motorised valve to stop/start the shower water???

I still prefer the icy cold option though - that would be you tube stuff! ;)

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