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This topic has been merged into HELP please on simple 4 button SWITCH selector.
The first solution is probably better for my case since I will add several buttons and put some diodes and check which button was pressed.

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Yes it did, it said card removed when no card was present, then when card was added it Serial.printed the uid.
So then moving on i added all the other mp3 parts
Let's move forward in baby-steps. The way you have added stuff has screwed things up.

In my suggested code you will note that I left the fadeOutMP3() function empty. Just add a simple message into it and see what happens - perhaps Serial.println("In fadeOut function");

Arduino Yún / Re: arduino yun HTTP POST
Last post by sonnyyu - Today at 08:36 pm
Yun has 2 CPUs:  Atheros AR9331, 32U4

AR9331 beats 32U4 performance by ~10k.
Your code only use 32U4,  rewrite it by move most of them into AR9331.

Code: [Select]
opkg update
opkg install python-openssl
opkg install distribute

easy_install requests

nano /mnt/sda1/

Code: [Select]
import sys,json
import requests, pprint
url = ''
#print data
data_json = json.dumps(data)
headers = {"Content-type":"application/json", "Accept":"application/json", "X-ZUMO-APPLICATION":"X-ZUMO-APPLICATION-PASSWORD"}
response =, data=data_json, headers=headers)

I started with an Arduino board, now im trying to downsize my device size, if you cant help, dont comment
So please re-ask your question, as I'm unsure what you want to do?

Do you want to connect the 2 mentioned boards together? - if so, use wires, no diagram needed!
Do you have a working solution at the moment and need to make it smaller? - this we can help with!
Do you have art of it working? If so, what part.

But please be MORE specific with what help you require with this project at a minimum.
Microcontrollers / Re: How to know if a 125kHz ca...
Last post by lrdazmmlk - Today at 08:35 pm
Is it possible to check the output without any instrumentation?
Its exactly the same and quite often it is USB 3.0 that is the root cause.

It is pretty well documented both in here and on github and a few other DEV type places.

A USB 2.0 hub acts as a sort of throttle control and even in some cases current load leveller.

USB 3.0 is quite hit and miss with Arduinos and has been mentioned to Arduino themselves as needing urgent attention as more high speed ports become the norm.

Code: [Select]
unsigned long start_time=micros(); //record start time
unsigned long delta_t = micros() - start_time; //the difference
Right there.

See my reply 2
Project Guidance / Re: How to run stepper motors ...
Last post by xl97 - Today at 08:34 pm
I mirror the DFPlayer boards..

only a few bucks USD... and easy to use.

* on board amp
* SD card to hold audio clips
* supports .mp3 * .wav files  (I prefer the later, without any meta data for premium playback)

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