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Hey guys. I can't believe it has been fours years since I first got my very first Arduino to run the toneMelody sketch.  :)

And now, it's my turn to return the favor and say thank you.  So please accept my Library.

The Problem
I realized that I wanted to play some music while doing others things, like listening to the Serial monitor or displaying an OLED or even running a Servo motor.  The weak tone() function made it hard to write/read music notes in a neat, readable fashion.  Not to mention it requires delay to get the noteDurations just right.

I decided it was enough, and so I finished a user-friendly Musical library for Arduino in one month.  I've even added some funny functions like reverse(), which plays music backward. :)


  • pause/play music
  • play music forwards and backwards
  • skip to a specfic time in the song
  • add percussion instruments
  • play more than one note at the same time
  • No extra hardware

All you need is an Arduino, a resistor, and a speaker.  Simple :)

Download library here:
MusicWithoutDelay Library

Don't forget to star this project on Github


Thanks for your contribution to the Arduino community!

I noticed maybe a small issue in the documentation:
Check out the video below
but there's no video.

LOL I forgot! Thank you for reminding me.

I was going to get around it, I'm not sure which video to post though. ;)

I have one playing Legend of Zelda, but I wanna show all my library's features. Not just one.

Also, this is my first library. Is it good? 


Also, this is my first library. Is it good? 
Well I haven't tried it, and haven't looked at the source. I do a quick review of all libraries that are submitted for inclusion in the Library Manager index and from what I saw it looks like you have worked to provide a good experience for the user by providing good documentation and following best practices for the structure/infrastructure of the library. Thanks!

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