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I have developed a project initially that works with the Mega ... do to SRAM constraints I have swapped out the mega for the Due.   

But now I cannot get the I2C to work .... unfortunately my low level knowledge is not good.   

Is there a difference with the I2C hardware of the mega v due that would create this difference?   I'm looking for help how to understand and resolve this?

I do have a DFRobot SD2403 RTC on the I2C.and this continues to work?



SCL / SDA did have pullups build in but not SCL1 / SDA1.

On SCL1/ SDA1 you need Pullups about 2k2 Ohm on both and replace everywhere wire by wire1 in :

Therefore at the beginning of your sketch, when using SCL1 / SDA1, you will have :

#include <Wire.h>
#define Wire Wire1

... and it should work

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