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Is there any incompatibility between the Arduino Due and Adafruit Motorshield? If so, is there any way to make them work?

My motorshields (two, stacked) seem to be unresponsive to any commands directed towards the steppers whenever I use the Arduino Due. Those same commands work perfectly fine when I reconnect the shields to the Arduino Mega 2560 where we initially wrote the code for.

We are using the same <Wire.h> and <Adafruit_Motorshield.h> libraries that we used for the MEGA, but it seems that no command sent to the steppers. The code sends serial commands that codes for motor, direction, and number of steps.

We have the Motorshields stacked on the Due in the same position as they corresponded on the MEGA.

Is there anything that has changed on these pins, or is there any other incompatibility that prevent the motorshields from properly responding to codes when using the Due?




Newer Adafruit motor shield allows for Due (you can select 5V or 3.3V):

To my knowledge v1 misses 3.3V use for Due to my knowledge.

I did buy some v2 models from China, not because they are cheaper, but because they arrived fully assembled -- for the Adafruit shield some soldering is required by you:


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