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I've pretty much been working on the same setup with the exception of using RFM12Bs instead of the nrf24s (Form factor issue and availability at the moment). I haven't had any issues with the Ethernet Shield and the RFM12B after adjusting the library to use pin 9 as the SS, but I haven't tried doing that for the NRF24s yet.

You mean the library for the RFM12, or for the ethernet module?

Also, which RFM12 library are you using? I tried the JeeLib library, but the examples don't work.


http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,62222.msg1099825.html#msg1099825 :)


So, no one has an opinion on what could be the best approach ?

  • arduino w/ Ethernet shield + nrf24 chip

  • Nrf24 chip on custom pcb being connected to pc (serial) and a php that would handle the requests...etc

  • Nf24 chip on custom pcb connected (serial) to arduino with ethernet shield

Why don't you explore using Raspberry Pi as the central hub with built-in ethernet or USB wifi/BT adapter.. it is cheaper than an Eth Shield and a lot more powerful and flexible and runs an O/S...

If you need a longer bridge, you can have 2 Raspberry Pi running a wifi link to each other with external wifi antennas... flexible solution using common wifi products...


This HOWTO uses both the maniacbug libraries for both Arduino and ported to RPi so the codes looks similar...

My idea was to make the Arduino/nRF onto a PCB as remote notes connected to RPi with a nRF radio with external antenna for better range/coverage..

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