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Are there any Atmel ATSAME70Q21 powered boards being developed?

Has anyone had a look at this chip to develop an Arduino board? It's a bit costly at about $10 in volume, but it looks very appealing as a high-end bare metal development board.

I'll start another thread in the Displays section regarding the MIPI DSI standard (Digital Serial Interface) and the in development MIPI Touch standards... to see what would be required to include that capability in such a board.

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I guess not eh?

I've been working on a G55-based board and others are doing an Arduino port. But the G55 is a way lesser beast than the ATSAME70Q21.

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I have one of these http://uk.farnell.com/microchip/atsame70-xpld/eval-board-atsame70-32bit-mcu/dp/2508321. It has pads for socket strips in the standard Arduino layout.
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