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Mar 01, 2017, 05:47 am Last Edit: Mar 01, 2017, 05:52 am by tiziojoe
I have a bunch of ESP8266 (NodeMCU) boards for a project and it's time to update them. I've migrated all my other Arduino projects into the web editor and they work great. However, there's no option for the ESP8266 board in the editor. I was expecting to find custom board definition support like the desktop IDE. How can this be added/faked/worked around?

This functionality is pretty important to me because I have several older projects using Digistump and Particle boards as well.

Edit: I just read the Known Issues post which mentions custom boards. Didn't find it before because search is a bit of a mess. Take this post as a +1 vote for custom boards since that thread has been around for more than a year.


Hi @tiziojoe,
esp boards are not supported, many people asked about that so it's already in the wish list.
Thanks for your feedback


disappointed.  I too want esp8266 support and this post is more than 6 weeks old.   

count me as +1



The web editor looks promising, but this is a must.

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