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General Electronics / Re: TV Repair - Accidentally b...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 05:03 am
The best tool to see if it's caps is a hair dryer.
Turn the TV off at the wall, and warm the whole supply (nothing else) for 10-minutes with the hair dryer.
Then see if the TV works.
Programming Questions / Re: loop not stopping
Last post by Gregore - Today at 05:03 am
thanks I will try that out tomorrow.  i was follow a sketch that used "loop" and an "if" statments inside it and only looped the stated amount . i used their exact sketch  and added my loop statement. not sure why mine does not work, but theirs did . 
Project Guidance / Re: Button click vs hold with ...
Last post by cmiyc - Today at 05:01 am
I've created an example and writen up extensive comments on detecting short and long button presses here:

To simplify the logic, I created an enum to track the state of the buttons. Follow MorganS's suggestion of drawing a state diagram and the code will be easier understand.
@Robin2. From what I can tell from your 2nd example in simple stepper code, instead of having a delay between step high and low, you put nothing inbetween and set them in their own defined function. Adding a second stepper would, as you suggested, require me to use the AccelStepper library for running 2 steppers with varying rpms and directions over time. But the problem with that library, is that their function calls are also blocking. I need the steppers to run a predetermined course while having space for my main loop to read stuff from my sensors.
Project Guidance / Problem with Bluetooth HC-05 I...
Last post by Rachman11 - Today at 04:57 am
hello everyone,

I need a help and advise about HC-05 bluetooth interfacing for my project,

I want to make a fixture for wireless project using HC-05 Bluetooth,
the problem is the DUT is not response if send command from my Serial Com on PC,
Bluetooth connection is OK (Paired) HC-05 from PC (master) and HC-05 DUT (Slave).

my DUT S/W is Support for USB-RS232 Commnunication using ATEN, and my PC is already installed for each driver ( ATEN & USB to TLL CP2102 product ), so maybe the communication should be OK, but actually is not. my DUT is can not response.

my solution is a add Max 232 Module before connect to HC-05 (slave) in DUT Part.

actually i'm confuse about it ^^, the ATEN USB - UART is already have USB - UART converter, but why still need to add Max 232 module to make it communication is well.

(please see attachment for the concept )

question :
- is possible if not add max 232 module still can work ? or
   + if someone can tell me know about the problem, i'm really appreciate it.

- how to minimize part needed to make BT-HC05 Communication Fixture is can work as my concept ?
   + need advise or have a better/more simply design idea and share to me i'm very very appreciate it ^^.

thank you very much.

Please post a link to where you found the library. Please use the chain links icon on the toolbar to make the link clickable.
Here is the link
General Electronics / Re: Oscilloscope
Last post by cmiyc - Today at 04:53 am
You need to decide on a budget, then if you want go to standalone or tethered (USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi.)

I recently reviewed the 2-channel 10MHz PicoScope. It's the first USB-based scope I liked. It's $140USD and includes a basic arbitrary waveform generator. The software's feature set is on-par with scopes that cost thousands of dollars.

Here's my full review on it:

If you want standalone, I'd recommend a 50MHz Rigol. You'll be spending in the $350 range. They have decent specs and a reasonable feature set.
Programming Questions / Code Advice Needed
Last post by chadgarner - Today at 04:47 am
Hi All,
I am trying to build a sound sensor relay using Adruino Uno.  The use case is that a sound sensor will trigger a relay to shutoff and I would like the relay to stay off until a reset switch is pressed.

I was able to get it coded to have a port activate when sound is heard, I tested using an LED.  I am unable to figure out the rest, the reset switch to turn off and keep port triggered for relay.  Any help would be great.

This is what I have so far. 

int led = 13;
int threshold = 200; //Change This
int volume;

void setup() {               
  Serial.begin(9600); // For debugging
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);     

void loop() {
  volume = analogRead(A0); // Reads the value from the Analog PIN A0
    //Debug mode
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH); //Turn ON Led
    digitalWrite(led, LOW); // Turn OFF Led

Portugues / Carro Semi Autônomo - Alimenta...
Last post by fabiobmoraes - Today at 04:47 am
Finalizei um projeto de Carro Semi-Autônomo controlado via Bluetooth. Porém tenho dúvidas em relação a alimentação fora da bancada.

Hoje utilizo Bateria de 9v ou conexão USB para alimentar os seguintes componentes em bancada:

Placa Mega2560
2 HC-SR04
2 Micros Servo Motor 9g SG90
16 led´s
1 Receptor Bluetooth HC-05

Além disso, uma fonte de bancada com 5v para:
(isolados dos outros anteriores)
4 motores DC
Mòdulo Ponte H Dupla L9110.

Agora é hora de tora-los da bancada! Mas ai vem a dúvida... Qual fonte de alimentação seria mais eficiente e que me daria mais autonomia nos motores?

Fiz alguns testes com um powerbank de 5V e 2.1A, para alimentar somente as pontes h e motores, mas não deu muito certo. Os motores rastejam. Mesmo com uma bateria 9v para os outros componentes.

Testei bateria 9V para cada 2 motores e 1 bateria para os outros componentes. Até que nos primeiros 15min valeu a pena, mas logo as baterias para os motores arriaram.

Então fiquei sem ideia e além disso gostaria de ser assertivo para não comprometer o projeto com teste, testes e mais teste....

Gostaria de saber qual a melhor opção para alimentação deste componentes sabendo que uma bateria se isolada é o suficiente para a placa, servos leds etc.

Mas e a ponte h e motores?
Aguardo dicas e agradeço!
Bar Sport / Re: MEGA2560 being phased out?
Last post by Qdeathstar - Today at 04:46 am
You can expect all you want, doesn't mean you'll get it, There is plenty of pay-for software that offers zero support...
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