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Is there already a day to save for Arduino Day 2018?


Hi there, based on previous years I believe it will be on March 31st.


Thank u.

I am looking on the internet but I see nothing about it yet.


In Catholic countries March 31st is an awful day. Cause, Holly Week. People is on holidays, or spending time with ritual and tradition. Any problem if we put on next weekend, at our own risk? Suggestions please?

En Bogotá, Colombia lo vamos a organizar el 7 de abril, ya que normalmente se organiza el primer sábado de abril.


Desde ya los invitamos a participar de este evento


When will this year's event date be announced ?????


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Hi guys, march 31st or april 7st??


Well guys, differently from previous editions, I think the event will not occur worldwide simultaneously this year. That's really sad!Just to let you know, we save the date april-14 for the local event at my location in Brazil. I wish you all the best.

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