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Does anyone have a source of data sheets and/or instructions for the KEYES modules available through DX or Cutedigi?

Cutedigi and a couple of other sites have some info but most are very light on detail



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Ah, those cheapy ones - I think not, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone's put some useful stuff up about them on a website somewhere - the simplest strategy is to try and read the chip markings from the enlarged photos (like the flame detector one has a 393 comparator and a trimpot and thus is likely a single digital output).  Many of them are very simple so I think you will be able to get many to work without too much headscratching - and the forum hive-mind can help given part numbers etc.
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This is an old topic, but I found this, maybe help some one in the future


Can i get the data sheet or some explanation about the keyes ky-040 encoder....


Explanation and sample code for KY-040 Rotary Encoder :



The issue with finding the data sheet is due to the fact that the name on the controlers board .....................................
is the name of the board manufacturer who does not specifiy his board anywhere however the controllers manufacture is.............
ALPHA........................& .......................Their reference for the product is:
The data sheet is just one page but it does describe the PIN_OUTS.




Thanks for the tkkrlab link.

Jaycar electronics have started stocking a brand called duinotech (in Australia/New Zealand at least.  They stock the Duinotech 37-in-1 sensor kit for Arduino (xc-4288).  With no documentation.
When I looked closely at the photo on the package sleeve I could see the boards had Keyes on them when the actual boards in my pack had Duinotech.  It appears that both the Keyes and Duinotech sensor kits are made by the same company.
I have saved the pages at
as pdf to refer to offline or print out if I need to.

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